• PHILOSOPHY: Family spirit, with more than four generations dedicated to the sector.
  • HISTORY: More than 20 years back up the company.
  • PRODUCTION: One headquarters and two production branches strategically located in two continents, Europe and America.
  • I+D+I: The perfect combination between technology and craftsmanship.
  • SERVICE: “Newman Service” ensures the best Pre and Post sale service.


It is a pleasure for us to WELCOME you to our website, where you will enjoy our enthusiasm for exclusive agricultural machinery. A journey through 20 years of our company's history, experiencing how we have evolved and perfected the refinement of the agricultural world up to our days.

In our company, we care and remanufacture tractors as real gems, getting the most perfect machine for the most exclusive customer, to make a NEWMAN a luxury within reach of a few.


The beginnings of NEWMAN in the agricultural world go back to 4 generations dedicated to agriculture, livestock and commercialization in the primary sector, therefore creating the fundamental pillars on which our knowledge of the client and his needs are based.

Our company, result of the experience of more than 20 years of journey, together with the Know How, has contributed throughout all these years to the quality, exclusivity, technology and excellence, thus forming the fundamental values of the NEWMAN PHILOSOPHY that have been worthy of national and international acknowledgement in the pursuit of excellence.

NEWMAN focuses its activity on the personalized research of the customer's needs to recommend him the machine that best fits his farm, looking for maximum profitability according to the farm works that will be assigned to his exclusive NEWMAN tractor.


Newman has facilities in two continents, Europe and Latin America, where they have a mechanized production process for remanufacturing in which each product passes through the hands of more than 40 experts, who work hard and put all their love and knowledge into each piece, turning a Newman into a unique jewel.

Each department is formed by young professionals to the service of technical assistance or possible advice about our products and departments:
SPARE PARTS where the customer can come to the point of sale to get advice or get in touch with us through RRSS or by phone in order to deliver the product as soon as possible PRODUCTION department, where a chain process is developed to get the ´fine tuning´of each agricultural vehicle for its subsequent sale, NEWMAN also has a FINANCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE department, where the documentation of each vehicle is handled along its purchase-sale process as well as its financing in case the customer requires it. In the COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING department, we transmit externally and internally the vision, values and main aims of the company, getting closer to our customers and expanding new markets. NEWMAN also has a COMMERCIAL department specialized in the sector of new and pre-owned high-end agricultural products where we advise customers in a professional way adapting to each client, thus getting a direct and friendly manner.


Our exclusive “Newman Service” programme gets going long before the agricultural machinery is delivered to the customer. Each Newman tractor is tested following a rigorous control protocol, in which each technical parameter is checked and analyzed through a checking process carried out by our professionals before the delivery of each unit.


For the peace of mind of our clients, we grant your machinery GUARANTEE of each product in any point of Europe or Latin America.


In addition, Newman offers all of its customers REFIT service, this service is responsible for reconditioning the machinery following the new demands and needs of customers.

Many of our agricultural products are considered as timeless classics, but over the years, the needs change and we are able to renew any tractor to fulfil the wishes of our customers.


Newman has a FINANCING service, “Newman Credit”, where our clients can design their own financing according to their needs.


The search for a better future makes Newman focus on a strategic place in the Iberian Peninsula in search of a direct route to the capital and most relevant port areas.

Once installed, the advance in remanufacturing techniques and successful design make of us an exclusive company in the agricultural sector worldwide.

The level of expansion is being lived at a high speed; great are the projects that are being carried out, thanks to the courage, passion and effort on the part of all the technical and human team that conforms NEWMAN, where creativity and talent become the best means to stand out as a leading company. We face our future with absolute confidence and willingness to position ourselves in the forefront of the agricultural sector.

Our goal, satisfying 100% few but very demanding clients in search of our passion for a well done job.